THEI Transparent Memo Bottle

The Institute of Higher Education in Science and Technology of Hong Kong customized transparent paper water bottles as promotional gifts. The size of the paper kettle is designed according to the paper. The material is made of high-quality materials. It is crystal clear, environmentally friendly and safe, and does not contain BPA. The innovative small diameter design of the cup mouth reduces the heat transfer area. The spiral design fits perfectly with the cup mouth to prevent water leakage. The paper kettle’s The shape is designed to take into account aesthetics and is made into the shape of a notebook, so it can be easily put into a handbag.

Material: PC + PP
Dimensions: 35 x 130 x 215 (mm)
Packaging: OPP bag
Color: blue, purple, green, black, brown, transparent, pink
Capacity: 350ml, 420ml, 750ml
Printing method: silk screen printing