FedEx Business Combination

FedEx customizes business notebooks, advertising pens and quick-drying towels as business gifts. This business notebook is made of leather, with a comfortable texture, durability and wear resistance. The elastic band design makes it easy to carry and store. It adopts an embossing method. The LOGO shows a concave and convex feeling, which is more three-dimensional and eye-catching. The advertising ball pen refill is smooth and the writing is smooth. The press design is easy to use, with a touch head, and the two-in-one function is very practical; the quick-drying towel is made of high-quality material, feels comfortable and smooth, is lightweight and portable, easy to clean and dry, and is a must-have for outdoor use. The three gifts are given to guests as business packages, which have full publicity effect and leave a good impression on the guests.

business notepad
Material: PU + paper
Packaging: OPP bag
Printing method: embossed

advertising pen
material: plastic
Printing method: silk screen printing

quick drying towel
Material: polyester, microfiber
Packaging: OPP
Printing method: color printing